Most of my recipes are foods that I grew up with from Calabria, a southern region in Italy, and are very traditional and classic favorites. I like to learn how to make new dishes from other ethnicities that I have enjoyed either through restaurants or travel. I also like to be challenged through nutrition in how to make foods taste yummy for those of my friends who have food challenges.

I have done enough cooking to know that if a recipe interests me, I am able to look at the list of ingredients and determine if it is good enough to try. That being said, sometimes, I make notations of changes that I would like to make to the recipe. Once the new dish is complete, I usually have taste testers, usually my husband’s band members since they are always hanging out at our house, give me their input. If I think it is good enough, I will either keep it as is or tweak a few changes and file it as “A Keeper”!

Currently, all of the recipes are mine. However, if I found a recipe that was flawless, I would probably use it and give credit to my source. After all, isn’t that what cooking is about, sharing good food?

I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from California State University, Sacramento. Although I have no formal culinary schooling, except as an apprentice under my mother and grandmother, I have been teaching cooking classes since 2000. Prior to that I owned and operated a catering business for six years. I continuously make television appearances from local to national stations sharing my love of food.

I grew up eating very healthy. My mother made everything from scratch; it was all I knew growing up. When I was 21, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. From that point on, I have been an advocate for paying attention to what you feed your body and how the body heals itself. I am of the belief that God created our bodies to be these great machines that function and have the ability to operate without us even thinking about it. The body just knows how to grow, sustain and heal all on its own. God also created the perfect food to fuel our incredible machines, therefore, that is what we should be using to fuel our bodies, not man made processed foods. I truly believe the reason I am still able to get around, and, for the most part, live a normal life without medication, is because I use the nutrition God intended for our temples.

Being that I am a nutritionist and I try to eat “healthy”, I am also human and won’t think twice about swapping an apple for a slice (maybe two) of fresh bread with butter! One thing I do not eat is premade/boxed food. If there is an ingredient on the label I cannot pronounce or says natural flavors – I don’t eat it. I do have some food standards that do not pass my lips.

That is a really hard one to answer because I love food! I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, they are also my favorite. However, if I had to pick, it would be a three way tie between cheese, bread and pasta; a true Italian!

When I am eating in public, I have to let go of my food thoughts and choose the best option. Of course, this will vary depending on the types of foods he
establishment serves. Most often, I opt for salad with no meat or dressing.  if a friend has cooked for me, I just eat it, no matter what. I know that it was made with love, and that is enough.

I think the teacher in me as well as my passion for food. I love showing people how easy and fun it is to cook, not to mention the health benefits of being in control of the ingredients you put into your body.

I would encourage you to check out the YouTube that is linked with the recipe. We all have different learning styles and to visually see might help with the confusion. I try to make sure that there are no typos, as I have a team that helps me with proof reading but we are all human, even with the best intentions, things slip by us. You can either leave a comment or send me an email (Lucia@GreenOliveCook.us) so I can get it cleared up for you, as well as other readers.

Thank you for enjoying my stuff enough to share! Recipes, photos with or without recipes- Yes, but please reference where you received this information, with a link to my website: www.GreenOliveCook.us. I pay a professional photographer for the images, and there are copyright issues, so I would like to receive the recognition. I would also love it, if you would send me an email. Then, I too can add a link to my content on your site

Absolutely! You can reach me through email at Lucia@GreenOliveCook.us or you can also communicate with me by leaving a comment on YouTube videos. I do have a “Comment Policy” in that you are respectful, friendly and focus on the topic comments, which would be preferred! I love to read and respond to them. I want to be in a positive environment with my readers, my family, and myself. I will remove offensive, inappropriate, or generally rude comments. We are all friends’, wanting to learn and grow as positive people. Let us go through our life with a positive impact on others as well as be nice to one another.