About Us

About Lucia Oliverio

In my family, like many others, food embodies memories and is a vessel to create new ones. I remember vividly while growing up, my Italian immigrant mother and grandmother telling the stories associated with the traditional southern Italian recipe they were teaching me to make. That food-memory connection was passed down, with birthdays smelling of gnocchi and chocolate cake and summers bringing back memories of gardening with my dad. He still carries a knife in his pocket, ready for picking whatever is ripe and ready to eat whether it’s fruit or vegetables. We especially love eating tomatoes from the vine and feeling the juice run down our faces.

As an adolescent, I grew up in my parents’ Italian restaurant, “La Dolce Vita”, although as an angsty teen at the time, I was not at all interested in the family business. All that changed when I turned 21. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The diagnosis changed my life. I began to focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and found myself once again back in the kitchen.

My passion for creating healthy food led me to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Food Science. I have been teaching cooking classes at the Sacramento Food Coop since 2008, began La Cucina Italiana catering in 2014 – 2016, and to this day, make regular appearances on KCRA Channel 3, Good Day Sacramento Channel 31, Fox 40 News Channel, ABC 10 Sac & Co., as well as volunteer at various food banks, adult day care institutions, and recovery communities. I currently live in Northern California with my husband, Bill, on our family farm with chickens, rescuing cats, dogs and any other animal that needs a home.

The Green Olive Cooking Philosophy

The Green Olive philosophy is cooking should be fun and uncomplicated, creating the best memories with your family in the process. Recipes should be simple, taking the freshest ingredients and elevating them.

At Green Olive, our goal is to provide great products that will enable you to make memories with your families. Products that do not purport to do what they claim can lead to frustration, and potentially negative memories. All of my products are tested in my kitchen as well as my family and friends’ kitchens to ensure they are innovatively designed and perform to what I consider the highest standard “a home kitchen”.